The Last Frontier at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is All Star!

This Friday, December 3rd, curator Sarah Fillmore’s symphony of an exhibition, “The Last Frontier” opens at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Although I have not seen the exhibition, it is easy to anticipate expectations being surpassed with such a stellar line up.

Canadian Art Stars Vikky Alexander, David Askevold, Iain Baxter&, Mark Bovey, Ed Burtynsky, Erik Edson, Holly King, Kelly Richardson, and Tom Sherman, American Alan Sonfist, as well as France-based Isabelle Dehay and duo Scenocosme make up “The Last Frontier”, which “examines the tension between nature, culture, technology and the built environment.”

Needless to say I will be frequenting the AGNS during my stay in Halifax this holiday season. In the meantime, for anyone in Halifax, I highly recommend going to see .

Photo: Kelly Richardson, The Erudition, 2010, 20 min, HD 16:9, courtesy of the artist and Birch Libralato

2 Comments on “The Last Frontier at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is All Star!”

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  2. Judith says:

    Nature, culture, technology,environment…timely and important areas for exploration. Definitely want to spend time with these artists to see how they handle these big themes. Especially with David Askevold and Tom Sherman whose work is both conceptually and technologically astute, yet does not fail to seek revelation in the immediate natural environment of Nova Scotia. Of the work I have seen so far Tom Sherman’s deceptively simple video “Wamboldt’s Pines” has made an impression. A simple stand of pine trees is itself the canvas as Sherman makes a drawing, not of the pines, but from the pines. Nature is our canvas.

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