Hannah Claus: Nephology at the Confederation Centre until January 11

Mr.Webster defines Nephology as “the branch of meteorology that studies clouds”.  Hannah Claus, an artist based in Montréal, adds that, “Clouds are basically masses of suspended drops of water in the sky, constantly shifting. I’m interested in the idea of these microscopic individual elements that come together to form a whole: the patterns, shapes and forms they create.”
Her recent exhibition, “Nephology” at the Confederation Centre in Prince Edward Island, embodies the artistic metaphor of the cloud in several installation pieces, including Cloud (above). Claus filled me in on the work:

“Cloud …(was) created for the Confederation gallery space, which got me looking/thinking at the recurrent use of clouds/sky in my work. I think that the cloud piece is perhaps more of an engagement with the shifting nature of contact/connections with others and self, communication and memory. I like the idea of having your head in the clouds. What does that mean? Where would it take you?”

Another installation in the show, Skystrip, uses digital images of clouds and scattered stones collected from the place where it is being exhibited (in this case, the red clay stones of P.E.I.). Not only is it “about a dialogue happening between the stones and the sky,” but also about the connection to the work and the environment it is in at the present moment. When asked about showing this body of work in P.E.I., Claus adds “I’m happy to have the work be seen in Charlottetown as I think the context affects the reading of the works. Every place has its own relationship with clouds, sky and stones.”

Over the past 10 years, Claus had participated in exhibitions throughout Canada, as well as internationally. Upcoming projects for her include group exhibitions at the NONAM in Zurich (2011) and the Museum of Art and Design in New York (2012).

Mireille Eagan curated Hannah Claus: nephology. The exhibition is part of the Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s Emerging Artist Series supported by the RBC Foundation.


image: Hannah Claus, Cloud, 2010, Double-matte reprography film. thread, glue


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