Shelagh Keeley: A Retrospective at the Confederation Centre for the Arts

What better artouteast post for Valentine’s Day then Shelagh Keeley’s retrospective? For the past 25 years, Keeley has created drawings, books, and sculptural bodies of work that are visceral, sensual, sophisticated “abstractions of gestures of the heart.”

Keeley’s art illustrates love; self love, body love, love of nature; sensual, intellectual, deep down to the core of your being love.

Beginning with work from 1984, the retrospective on now at the Confederation Centre for the Arts includes drawings from the 1990s and 2000s; bookworks from throughout the 25 year period in review; as well as a steel wall work from the early 2000s; the exhibition closes with a work from the artist’s 2009 residency in Shanghai, China.

An award winning exhibition catalogue, with essays by Peggy Gale and Christopher Dewdney, accompanies the exhibition. The exhibit, on until May 29th, 2011, is curated by Linda Jansma of Oshawa and Carol Podedworny of Hamilton and circulated by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.

above: Steel Notebook, New Delhi, India, (detail),  2004, oil stick on rusted steel.



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