All Eyes on Meghan Fish Contemporary, Halifax

Scoot Bertram, May, 72 x 60in, acrylic on canvas

On March 25th, 2011, Meghan Fish Contemporary and Projects launched its first group exhibition at 2053 Gottingen Street. However, this is not a gallery space. Director Meghan Fish has created a primarily online and by-appointment gallery space featuring cutting edge painting, photography and new media work by emerging and established artists from across Canada. Collectors will be able to view the art online, by appointment locally at the Meghan Fish Contemporary Art + Projects showroom/office, or have work sent on approval to their own space. Also in the works are plans for pop-up events and exhibitions–an exciting way to showcase art in a series of changing venues around Halifax.

“I see this as a more progressive model for selling art,” explains Director Meghan Fish (née Dorward), who has worked in Halifax’s commercial art world for the last five years (most notably as the former Assistant Director at Studio 21 Fine Art). “It circumvents the inefficiencies of maintaining a traditional gallery space year round. In my experience, I’ve found that most art-buying audiences arrive through word-of-mouth. It made me realize that I didn’t need a static, physical space to sell art. Instead, I will focus my resources and energy on personal service —offering artwork installation services and lease-to-own options to clients who purchase work, while effectively promoting my roster of artists. Pop-up exhibitions will add to this hybrid approach in creating a unique and diverse experience for the public.”

Adrian Fish, Stage 2-1, 48 x 48in, limited edition of 10, Chromira print

Meghan Fish Contemporary “fills a void for local collectors” by showcasing both painting and photography in its stable. “There are very few galleries carrying photography in Halifax,” says Fish, “I am introducing the media in a commercial context in Halifax.”

Not only is she filling a void for local collectors, she is also filling a void for the rest of the world, by exposing her fantastic artists to the rest of the world through her mainly web based business.“We’re thinking outside the box, literally,” Fish laughs. “I plan to introduce the concept that galleries no longer have to be limited to one static set of walls on a daily basis. It’s a malleable, ever-changing, and virtual world out there now — without geographical boundaries. It’s time we embrace that in the art world.”


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