Afterthoughts on Love and Napalm


First of all, I’m sorry for the couple of weeks of artouteast hiatus! We’re back, and although this exhibition ended last week, it needs to be posted on artouteast.


In an abandoned store in Sackville, New Brunswick, artist/dj/curator Jon Cleveland organized “Love and Napalm”, a group show filled with local and international talent. And as I always say, nothing says love like Zombies and jelly jesuses.

The show, which ran until April 15th, featured work by artists from New Brunswick, Montreal, Vancouver and Paris,  including Jon Cleveland, Corey Isenor, Ainslie Moss, Jerry Ropson, Erika Sullivan, Jon Shaw, Sean Corscadden and Erin Ramsay, as well as an exciting collection of prints, posters and paintings by French artists 3615, Kashink, Papy Microgram, FMR, Gorellaume Undemi, Sword, and Kuny.

As only Sackville can do,  really great artistic talent pops up in places where you least expect it; this time in an old dollarstore.

click here for more info

Jon Cleveland, 40 nights (detail), Gelatin


One Comment on “Afterthoughts on Love and Napalm”

  1. Jon Cleveland says:

    Props to Eli Manchester for the photography

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