Artist of the Week – Jenna Faye Powell

Okay, so this is LONG over due. While meandering around the Artist Project here in the Toronto back in March, I came across Jenna Faye Powell’s work. At the time, she was working towards her MFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (she is now officially a Master of Fine Art! Congrats Jenna!) and was part of the Artist Project’s UNTAPPED Emerging Artist Exhibition.


Her current body of work is focused on a fictitious place called “Chesterfield”. She says about Chesterfield:

It is an illusory place I have lovingly created to support and develop the many aesthetic, theoretical, and historical inquiries I have around middle class lifestyle. It is constantly changing and adapting to suit my artistic needs. It is a place brimming with mundane everydayness; it is both fantastical and pathetic, full of romance and familiarity. Don’t be deceived though. Chesterfield is not all laughter and sunshine. From suburban sprawl to poor air quality, Chesterfield is one full of contradictions, irony (and failed irony), autobiographical confessions, cheeky narratives, illusions and allusions, and nonsensical exploration: Welcome to Chesterfield!

I would love to see Chesterfield in Toronto, sprawling across the common area around city hall or peeking it’s little suburban head around a busy corner where tall men in tall suits work in tall building and get tall lattes.